Julian Morency talking at Intranet Now


Intranet Now: Our Highlights

Our favourite talks and tweets from September's conference

Robert McWhirter

Robert McWhirter

It’s an event with energy.

Speakers preach, people mix, connections fizz. This is Intranet Now. 

Organised by the community, for the community, it has become the staple event for those involved in internal comms and intranets.

2016 didn’t disappoint. Here’s a run-down of our three favourite talks.

How to partner with your CIO – Rachel Miller and Ed Garcez

Rachel and Ed had the mother of all projects: build one intranet, for three councils.

Councils are notoriously difficult to work with, so working with three, and getting them to work together, is a serious challenge.

But Rachel and Ed had an ace up their sleeves: collaboration. Rachel (a Comms consultant) and Ed (Chief Information Officer) worked together to make the solution work for all three councils. Too many Comms teams are at the mercy of their IT departments, and Rachel and Ed showed what could be achieved if the two work in a tight knit team with a common goal.

Work towards a common goal, solving user problems.


  • Having an external consultant advising on your project can cut through politics and focus on the product.
  • IT and Comms can work together and doing so produces great results.
  • Don’t be intimidated by your intranet project. It can’t be worse than combining three council sites into one!

Hubs, hives, and hangouts – Sam Marshall

A nice talk outlining the current landscape of digital tools on offer in the workplace and mapping out the contexts in which they are best used.

It might be a way off for some organisations, but this is surely the future of technology in the workplace. As the tools we use in our personal lives increasingly find their way into the workplace, this topic is particularly pertinent.

The talk is based on Sam’s blog post, Hubs, Hives and Hangouts


  • Don’t make an intranet that tries to do it all. Be focused and let other tools fill the gaps.
  • People need different tools for different jobs. It’s our job to provide these tools, not dictate how and when they should be used.
  • Staff need to know that it’s good to work in different ways and places. It should be encouraged and celebrated.

Launching a social intranet — Diane Murgatroyd and Bettina Hasan

Most organisations have a problem with a dispersed workforce, but surely none more so than the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Diane and Bettina’s talk largely focused on adoption, a hot topic for all of us.

They talked us through how they implemented the FCO’s new intranet and were candid when speaking about the challenges they came up against.


  • Adoption campaigns do work. Don’t be afraid to do them and pay attention to what works.
  • Visible buy-in from senior figures can have a big impact on adoption.
  • Cut down the words – interactive content like videos can be really powerful.


You can see the presentations in all their glory at intranetnow.co.uk/speakers 

It was a pleasure to sponsor this year’s event. We’ll see you all at IN 2017.